Benidorm Fiestas

Being a Catholic country, there are many celebrations throughout the year for saint’s days and religious occasions.

It is the November fiestas that particularly interest the British visitors. The second weekend in the month sees the start of the patronal celebrations for Saint James, the patron saint of Benidorm, after whom the church at the top of the old town is named. All of the surrounding areas have their own ‘penyas’ or clubs, and friends, neighbours and workmates save all year long to have a party that lasts nearly a week! They take over pubs and cafes in the old town, which are stripped bare of anything that can be damaged, and they decorate them and fill them with food and drinks. All the family get involved and make it a holiday, staying in hotels and apartments. There are serious religious processions, fancy dress processions for children as well as one for the adults and flower offerings that are placed on the outside wall of the church. There are also daytime fireworks that sound like a warzone and a wonderful night time firework display on the last night (Wednesday) as a finale.

A few years ago, the Brits decided that they wanted their own party and it has become a tradition that on the Thursday after the end of the Spanish fiesta – the British fancy dress parade is held. It really is the most amazing day – anything goes and everyone gets involved. There is an official parade but lots of folk just dress up and show up – to watch the parade and parade around town with their friends. It is a riot of colour, and fun and laughter – and noise! Hotels soon become booked up and many people book for the following year as soon as they go home. It is a great way to extend the season and it is often warm and sunny, even if it is too cold for most of us to swim in the sea.

Benidorm November Fiesta Event Programme 2019

Friday 8th

Turning on of the lights, a fair with low prices for children and a street parade

Saturday 9th

A day of open churches, mass and choirs, street parades, orchestras, the offering of the flowers, bands and firework displays

Sunday 10th

A day of open churches, mass and choirs, street parades, fireworks, children’s theatre, orchestras & street performances

Monday 11th, Tuesday 12th, Wednesday 13th, Thursday 14th

A day of open churches, mass and choirs, chocolate parade, concerts, street parades, fireworks, children’s theatre, orchestras & street performances

Thursday 14th

Europe’s largest fancy dress party

Friday 15th, Saturday 16th, Sunday 17th

Fiesta of the Carxofa (Benidorm) The Artichoke Fiesta

Please note – November Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th, are regional holidays in Benidorm so banks etc will be closed.